Illicit drug labs have become all too common in Indiana over the past couple of decades, as amateur chemists set up shop anywhere they can cook their intoxicating recipes. And although police are locating and dismantling more of these drug-making operations, the properties must be professionally decontaminated to remove the toxic chemical residue left behind. 

For meth lab cleanup in the Indianapolis area, call the experts at Clean Quest LLC at (765) 349-1102. Our talented crew is equipped to deal with a range of biohazards.

Indianapolis Meth Lab Cleanup

Training, Certification & More

When you choose Clean Quest, you can rest assured that our team has the training and expertise to deal with every job. We are fully bonded and insured, and we adhere to all state regulations for the safe and appropriate disposal of biohazardous materials.

Having participated in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) training, our qualified inspectors are able to perform inspections, testing, and cleanup of illegal drug labs in the state.

Meth Lab Dangers & Your Safety

Never attempt to clean a drug lab on your own! Although law enforcement officials remove the meth-making chemicals and assorted paraphernalia, the byproducts and residue left behind on surfaces and furnishings are extremely hazardous. Not only are chemicals absorbed by the skin upon contact, but they also cause damage when breathed or ingested.

For that reason, you should not enter the premises until it has been deemed safe by qualified personnel. The professionals at Clean Quest have the equipment and training needed to decontaminate and clean your Indianapolis property.

*If you suspect an illegal drug lab near you, contact the Indiana State Police promptly.

Our Customers

No matter who we are working with, we treat our customers with dignity and respect their privacy — while completing each job to the highest standards. Our biohazard cleanup clients are as wide-ranging as the circumstances: 

  • Insurance companies
  • Law enforcement units
  • Property owners and property managers
  • Individual homeowners

Additional Services

Clean Quest provides a wide range of services, from crime scene cleanup and mold remediation to comprehensive cleaning and property restoration after a fire, storm, or other disaster. Contact us at (765) 349-1102 to discuss your Indianapolis-area meth lab cleanup needs today, or request a quote online.